If you would like to minimise your carbon footprint, effective home insulation is vital and as a bulk of the area of the typical house is glazed, double glazed replacement windows are the apparent choice. The heat loss through a single pane of glass is substantial and with some reliable roofing system and wall insulation, that only leaves the glazed areas to insulate and our bespoke double-glazed systems come in a series of designs and colours, maintaining the character of the home. The Window Centre has been changing windows and doors for more than 20 years and we’ve grown and established along with the industry, adopting new technology to improve our items– a development that is ongoing.

Energy Saving

All of us owe it to ourselves to embrace green practices in the house and replacing your doors and windows is a really reliable way of reducing heat loss, while bringing an even, heat to every room in your home. No longer will that window seat be always empty in the winter and with made to measure patio or French doors, you can bring a great deal of natural light into the house. When making the investment to change your doors and windows, it needs to be considered as a long-lasting gain, in terms of the fuel cost savings that are made, and with very long guarantees on all our products, your investment will offer dividends for several years.

Postponing the Burn

As the heat lost through the glazed locations is considerably decreased, the temperature level drop takes much longer, and as the thermostat manages the boiler burn, you’ll hear that click and whoosh a lot less frequently. In many cases, your boiler will only burn for half the time it used to, as the double glazing brings optimum heat retention. It is always an excellent idea to have the main heater serviced in the autumn, as this will guarantee a lean burn, saving you even more money.

Additional Benefits

It isn’t just the fuel conserving that double glazed windows pay for, with improved home security as all units have cutting-edge locking systems and the average robber would not try a break-in and would just look for a much easier target. Aside from the security features, double glazing brings a new level of sound insulation, getting rid of outside noise and preserving a calm and peaceful environment throughout the house. A lot of our clients are stunned to discover just how quiet things ended up being after the units are fitted and if you take place to live near a significant roadway or train line, double glazing is for you.

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Luxury Rides to suit your Taste

Limousines are meant for luxurious rides around towns. Gone are the days when limousines were expensive. In fact, they have become so affordable that you will want to ride one every day and everywhere. Limo Hire has become a friendly concept and you can book a limo for just about anywhere. Our limousines are built to impress and are also hired for special occasions such as proms and weddings.

Limousines to Choose from

The Hummer limo hire and Range Rover limo hire are two common limo hire that is chosen by youngsters and adults alike. Limo Hire will give you the satisfying journey that you deserve on all special occasions. A simple ride in the limousine will get you refreshed and you will feel the difference when you step outside the limo. You can also choose the Fire Engine or the Party bus to suit your need. We are the best company for limo hire and our happy customers are proof for the same. Our large collection of limousines and party buses will keep you looking from one limo to the other.

Chauffeurs at Exclusive Hire

The chauffeurs that accompany your ride are trained professionals. They will be able to drive the limousine without a bump. They are well-dressed and will make you feel like the King as you ride. During your trip, you can use the wireless call facility to speak with the chauffeur. They strictly adhere to company protocol and will be able to deliver your requirement without a flaw in the plan. You can also choose a package of hiring such as the birthday limo hire or the wedding limo hire which will give you the best deal possible. Why not hire one of our cars for an airport transfer in luxury.

Why Exclusive Hire

When you are inside the limousines with your friends and family, you can make use of the disco floor and booming speakers to play your favourite jam. If you are looking for the best limo hire service in the United Kingdom, you have come to the right place. We are elite providers of prom limousines, birthday limo hire, and wedding limo hire. You can trust us to keep our word and deliver a world-class ride in our esteemed limousine. Every limousine at Exclusive Hire is well checked before it’s sent to pick you up. We will ensure that the limo that arrives at your doorstep is in its best condition. As you step in, you will be happy to see the luxurious space and amenities awaiting your arrival.


You may have rolled your eyes when you read this title. You may be thinking “Follow your dreams? Yeah, sure”, or “This topic has been done!”… But it’s something that needs to be reiterated because although everybody says “follow your dreams” people often give up on them before even really trying. Life gets in the way, you may have kids and new responsibilities, you have bills to pay, and sometimes we have to do jobs we don’t want to do just to keep a roof over our heads. Trust me, I get it… but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams completely… there are a number of ways for you to follow your dreams and break the trend. So let me interrupt another eye roll so I can tell you just why you shouldn’t give up on following your dreams.

You only live once. I have said it before and I will say it again… Life is short, and you don’t want to regret passing up on your dream. I may sound a bit dark here, but we each have a limited amount of time on this earth so why spend it doing something that makes you unhappy? Furthermore, working a job that you hate makes the days go by slowly and can have adverse effects on your health. So do something you love!

They get you through the tough times.Dreams can keep us going in the most difficult of times, they can get you up in the morning, they can be that little bit of push you need just to make it through a rough day. They can make everything worth it… so don’t give up on your dreams when they don’t give up on you.

Nobody is going to follow them for you. The only way for you to follow your dreams… is for you to follow our dreams. It’s not something that anyone can do for you… you have to do it yourself or it will never happen.

You can still make an income. You can still pay rent, buy groceries, and provide for your family while following your dreams. This is for many reasons, firstly you can balance working a temporary job and following your dreams if you need money immediately. If you are motivated then it is quite difficult to fail, so just make sure you can make an income while pursuing your dreams. No matter how long it takes to achieve your dream, you know it’s worth it.

You will inspire others. Those who follow their dreams inspire and give hope to others who want to follow their dreams. Being a role model is a powerful thing… so you could be making a difference in other people’s lives while making a difference on your own.

And let’s face it, following your dreams is one of the significant keys to happiness (so is proving all of the doubters wrong).  If you make the choice to work towards your dream it will change your life, and once you succeed all those who witnessed your journey will be so proud… more importantly, you will be proud of yourself.

So are you ready?


Many of those who we recognise as being incredibly inspirational are people who faced adversity and weren’t willing to give up without a fight. There are times when we all need to speak up for what we believe in, and many times our fear stops up. It can be absolutely terrifying to stand up and speak out against something you think is wrong, especially if there is a heavy opposition- but by doing this we are often standing up for someone else, and maybe becoming their inspiration. Here is the continued list of the 10 most inspirational people who I hope will inspire you…

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. – was a minister, humanitarian, activist, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the US. Martin Luther King Jr. is best known for his part in the advancement of civil rights by use of nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. His fight for social justice and equality has made an impact on lives around the world.
  2. Terry Fox – was a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, and cancer research activist. At the age of 18,Fox lost his leg to cancer and he decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He ran 143 days and 5,373 kilometers (3,339 miles), when he had to stop because his cancer had returned, this time in his lungs. Now on every second Sunday after Labor Day, is the Terry Fox Run (which is done across Canada) which commemorates when Fox had to to stop running and when Canadians had to start. This run is still to raise money for cancer research, and public schools across Canada do it on a school day to honour Terry Fox.
  3. The Dalai Lama – 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is a spiritual teacher who began his monastic education at the age of six. In 1959, with the brutal suppression of the Tibetan national uprising by Chinese troops, the Dalai Lama was forced to escape into exile. The Dalai Lama has maintained a loving and forgiving attitude and has spoken for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.What makes the Dalai Lama so inspirational are his words of wisdom, peace, and love that he has and continues to share around the world.I would like to share with you two of my favourite quotes from the Dalai Lama that I find truly inspiring:

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  – the Dalai Lama

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”– theDalai Lama

Anne Frank – was a Jewish diarist and writer, and as a young girl with her family was a victim of the Holocaust. In 1942 Anne and her family went into hiding in a secret annex. In 1944 Anne’s family was discovered and arrested by Nazi police. After being sent to Auschwitz concentration camp, Anne and her sister Margot were transported to Bergen-Belsenconcentration camp where they died (their mother died in Auschwitz).

What makes Anne and her diary so absolutely unique and inspirational is the way she shared her innermost thoughts and feelings with a sense of optimism and compassion despite the cruel adversity that she and her family were enduring, and despite evil that surrounded her and had had affected many of her family and friends.Anne Frank is remembered for her courage and hope, qualities that we should all have…

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart” – Anne Frank

Mother Teresa – was a Roman Catholic religious sister who lived a life of love, kindness, sacrifice and dedication to social responsibility. Mother Teresa was a dedicated humanitarian who worked advocate for the poor. Mother Teresa founded a religious order called the Missionaries of Charity that provided food for the poor in addition to operating schools, hospitals, orphanages, youth centres, and shelters for lepers, the sick, and the dying poor. Mother Teresa’s work made a huge difference in many people’s lives across the world. Her work, mercy, and love continues and her memory lives on through her inspirational work.

All of the people on this list have done extraordinary things, whether it was intentional or not. Through acts of courage, hope, love and kindness they have inspired millions of people worldwide. You too can inspire other. Simply by caring about others we inspire others to care, by being positive we have a positive impact on people’s lives, by standing up for what we believe in we are standing up for others. So I leave you with one question, what can you do to inspire?


As I have said in other posts, what makes people inspirational is that they are ordinary people who have done something extraordinary. When we think of inspirational people we don’t think about them as ordinary because we remember the great things they have done and the people they became. So here is a list of ten very inspirational people who were ordinary and became extraordinary.

Maya Angelou – this woman was an inspiration to so many (through her memory she continues to be). Maya Angelou was a professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, she was a poet and a writer, an actor, singer, philanthropist, visionary, a public figure, and a truly remarkable woman.

She is well known and remembered for fighting for civil rights, for women, and for the rights of African Americans.

Through her poems, books, and speeches Maya Angelou has shared with us the struggles she faced as an African American woman. She taught many about inner power and about what it means to be a good and kind person. She taught us that “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya has told us that we have agency over our lives, and yes, we really do although sometimes we need to be reminded of this.

Her words will live on, as will her actions through those of us who remember and practice what she taught.

Chief Dan George – was a chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, a Coast Salish band located in the southeast area of the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Chief Dan George was also an author, devoted environmentalist, spiritual healer, promoter and teacher of traditional values, and advocate for Canada’s indigenous peoples, poet and actor. He is remembered for his multitude of inspirational work.

His life changed as a child when he was forced into residential school where his traditional name was forcibly changed to Dan George. As an adult he spoke out and wrote about indigenous issues. His deliberate and powerful speaking voice and the words which he spoke were treasured and simply unforgettable, Chief Dan George was a true visionary.

Gandhi- Mahatma Gandhiwas the distinguished leader of the Indian independence movement in Colonial- British India. Gandhi utilised nonviolent civil disobedience, and his leadership guided India to independence. He led campaigns for alleviating poverty, increasing women’s rights, ending untouchability in the caste system, and above all for achieving Swarajor self-rule.

He has been the inspiration of civil rights movements for freedom all around the world.

Nelson Mandela – a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, philanthropist, and politician, who served as President of South Africa (not to mention that he was the first black president in South Africa).Mandela served 27 years in prison by the South African apartheid government for standing up in opposition to a government that was committing monstrous human rights abuses against black South Africans. He was an incredible speaker whose words and actions changed the world.

Princess Diana – Princess Diana was an amazing woman, she was a loving mother, an independent woman, and she stepped outside of the norms of royalty and engaged passionately in philanthropy and charity. Furthermore, she led by example.

It is the actions of these people and the lives that they have lived that make them legendary. They are gone, but are remembered throughout the world for their actions and incredible work. So I leave you with one question to ask yourself, who inspires you? And why do they inspire you?


Santa Barbara is a beautiful, warm, and fun place to experience… and I think one of the hardest things for people who go to visit Santa Barbara is having to leave (so you could really just fix that problem by moving there). With a rich history, incredible architecture, and diverse culture; Santa Barbara is the place to be…

So I will try to keep this fairly short so you have more time to book your ticket and pack your bags…

Santa Barbara encourages a healthy lifestyle; if you love to be active this place is going to be your version of Disneyland. There are amazing places to enjoy the outdoors, run, hike, and swim… and it’s sunny and warm all year long. If you love to hike, definitely hike the mountains surrounding the city so that you can see downtown’s architecture, palm tree lined boulevards and scenery. People love to work out at East Beach, where there are places to run, play beach volleyball or work that core with stand-up paddle boarding. Santa Barbara is also full of long stretches of immaculate beaches that are sometimes a surfers dream… and other times a sunbathers dream.

Santa Barbara’s coastline is an incredible habitat for sea life, the Channel Islands National Park for instance, each of which is abundant with astonishing ecological diversity. The protected waters offer a unique diving experience, and definitely some of best opportunities to see the rich ecosystem. You can see sunbathing sea lions interacting naturally in their habitat, pods of social and oh-so playful dolphins and whales. This place is an ecological dream.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the deliciousness that exists in this beautiful city. McConnell’s Ice Cream will make any ice cream connoisseur cry a little when they taste a scoop of this frozen heaven. If your main food group doesn’t consist of ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream, don’t worry there are so many great food places for you to choose from!! If you are a sushi lover you have to go to Yoichi’s, this restaurant serves the traditional multi-course meals, similar to omakase but determined by seasonal ingredients. For a quick serve burger you have to go to On the Alley, this place has a patio that you can eat on or you can take your food to go- either way, the food is amazing! For seafood you should definitely try Enterprise Fish Co for a multitude of sea food options or  Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop is a must go for someone who wants delicious deep fried goodness. Santa Barbara has so many great places to dine, really too many to list, and people make a day trip from L.A just to get their hands on some of the great food that comes out of this city.

But Santa Barbara is not only known for its delicious food… it has equally great adult beverages. For wine lovers, a wine tour is a must (watch out Napa). There is a thriving collection of wineries and tasting rooms within walking distance from each other located in downtown Santa Barbara. Thus you don’t even need to hire a driver. IF you have toured yourself out maybe check out Les Marchands which is in the same complex as Lucky Penny and The Lark, and is a wine bar. If wine isn’t your thing you should check out James Joyce, often featuring live music and a variety of tasty adult beverages.

Talking of adult beverages, my good friends in Phoenix are packing their bags and coming on over and they have been before and say it is fantastic here, so don’t take my word for it, try Santa Barbara for yourself.

Santa Barbara is on traditional Chumash land. The Chumash Indians lived across the Santa Barbara coastline and nearby Channel Islands for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived, there is an incredible painted cave off of highway that has ancient Chumash hand paintings.

This city is where history and contemporary meet, and it is absolutely incredible…