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How To Deter Birds From Your Roof

From pigeons and seagulls to magpies, they all have something in common, the ability to spread out disease and cause damage to your home. Sadly, roofing systems are among the primary areas that they tend to take a shine to first, and they’ll often go back to your home if it’s made easy for them, and if they start to develop a nest. There’s typically no genuine reason why birds like a particular roofing system to another, it may be how the wind blows, the light or how the surface area feels, it actually could be for any number of factors. Not only are birds’ providers of illness, having a lot of birds on your roof who are continually there can trigger extensive roof damage, resulting in monetary problems. Some of the issues that can occur include seamless gutter obstructions brought on by nesting birds, chimney obstructions, gutter damage and in the worst case a water damaged roofing that can cause a whole load of other issues.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a popular sight on numerous buildings across the UK. These will discourage the birds from landing, nesting or leaving droppings behind on your property. They can be used in various locations from window sills, walls and ridge tiles to name a few. Very easy to manage and set up, not to mention cost effective, bird spikes are a very popular bird deterrent.

Visual Deterrents

Birds tend to be creatures of habit. They will keep checking out the same place for numerous factors and will eventually go where they feel comfy. Visual deterrents will trigger a scare aspect for the birds, resulting them fleeing the area, as soon as this has occurred a number of times, they wont come back. Visual deterrents tend to be in the shape of a predator or something that is reflective, both will frighten the birds away. Visual deterrents are a low cost solution and really effective.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting can be seen all over cities throughout the UK, typically in developed urban environments. It can also be used by farmers to safeguard their crops. Bird netting is ideal for big areas as the netting can come in numerous sizes, so you are just spending for what you require. Bird Netting is readily available in numerous sizes and various colours such as black, stone or clear. There’s likewise various kinds of netting for various species of bird.

As a basic guideline, never use deadly methods to get rid of the birds surrounding your home, this will only handle your present problem of birds, and it doesn’t offer a long term service to the issue. The secret to deterring birds from your roofing is providing an uninviting residential or commercial property whether that is with spikes, slippery surfaces or with a special spray, this will keep the birds at bay for good.

With this host of services to discourage birds from your roofing of balconies, you ought to form a long-term barrier to help save the cost and headache of lots of pricey roofing repair work!

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