If you would like to minimise your carbon footprint, effective home insulation is vital and as a bulk of the area of the typical house is glazed, double glazed replacement windows are the apparent choice. The heat loss through a single pane of glass is substantial and with some reliable roofing system and wall insulation, that only leaves the glazed areas to insulate and our bespoke double-glazed systems come in a series of designs and colours, maintaining the character of the home. The Window Centre has been changing windows and doors for more than 20 years and we’ve grown and established along with the industry, adopting new technology to improve our items– a development that is ongoing.

Energy Saving

All of us owe it to ourselves to embrace green practices in the house and replacing your doors and windows is a really reliable way of reducing heat loss, while bringing an even, heat to every room in your home. No longer will that window seat be always empty in the winter and with made to measure patio or French doors, you can bring a great deal of natural light into the house. When making the investment to change your doors and windows, it needs to be considered as a long-lasting gain, in terms of the fuel cost savings that are made, and with very long guarantees on all our products, your investment will offer dividends for several years.

Postponing the Burn

As the heat lost through the glazed locations is considerably decreased, the temperature level drop takes much longer, and as the thermostat manages the boiler burn, you’ll hear that click and whoosh a lot less frequently. In many cases, your boiler will only burn for half the time it used to, as the double glazing brings optimum heat retention. It is always an excellent idea to have the main heater serviced in the autumn, as this will guarantee a lean burn, saving you even more money.

Additional Benefits

It isn’t just the fuel conserving that double glazed windows pay for, with improved home security as all units have cutting-edge locking systems and the average robber would not try a break-in and would just look for a much easier target. Aside from the security features, double glazing brings a new level of sound insulation, getting rid of outside noise and preserving a calm and peaceful environment throughout the house. A lot of our clients are stunned to discover just how quiet things ended up being after the units are fitted and if you take place to live near a significant roadway or train line, double glazing is for you.

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