Santa Barbara is a beautiful, warm, and fun place to experience… and I think one of the hardest things for people who go to visit Santa Barbara is having to leave (so you could really just fix that problem by moving there). With a rich history, incredible architecture, and diverse culture; Santa Barbara is the place to be…

So I will try to keep this fairly short so you have more time to book your ticket and pack your bags…

Santa Barbara encourages a healthy lifestyle; if you love to be active this place is going to be your version of Disneyland. There are amazing places to enjoy the outdoors, run, hike, and swim… and it’s sunny and warm all year long. If you love to hike, definitely hike the mountains surrounding the city so that you can see downtown’s architecture, palm tree lined boulevards and scenery. People love to work out at East Beach, where there are places to run, play beach volleyball or work that core with stand-up paddle boarding. Santa Barbara is also full of long stretches of immaculate beaches that are sometimes a surfers dream… and other times a sunbathers dream.

Santa Barbara’s coastline is an incredible habitat for sea life, the Channel Islands National Park for instance, each of which is abundant with astonishing ecological diversity. The protected waters offer a unique diving experience, and definitely some of best opportunities to see the rich ecosystem. You can see sunbathing sea lions interacting naturally in their habitat, pods of social and oh-so playful dolphins and whales. This place is an ecological dream.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the deliciousness that exists in this beautiful city. McConnell’s Ice Cream will make any ice cream connoisseur cry a little when they taste a scoop of this frozen heaven. If your main food group doesn’t consist of ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream, don’t worry there are so many great food places for you to choose from!! If you are a sushi lover you have to go to Yoichi’s, this restaurant serves the traditional multi-course meals, similar to omakase but determined by seasonal ingredients. For a quick serve burger you have to go to On the Alley, this place has a patio that you can eat on or you can take your food to go- either way, the food is amazing! For seafood you should definitely try Enterprise Fish Co for a multitude of sea food options or  Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop is a must go for someone who wants delicious deep fried goodness. Santa Barbara has so many great places to dine, really too many to list, and people make a day trip from L.A just to get their hands on some of the great food that comes out of this city.

But Santa Barbara is not only known for its delicious food… it has equally great adult beverages. For wine lovers, a wine tour is a must (watch out Napa). There is a thriving collection of wineries and tasting rooms within walking distance from each other located in downtown Santa Barbara. Thus you don’t even need to hire a driver. IF you have toured yourself out maybe check out Les Marchands which is in the same complex as Lucky Penny and The Lark, and is a wine bar. If wine isn’t your thing you should check out James Joyce, often featuring live music and a variety of tasty adult beverages.

Talking of adult beverages, my good friends in Phoenix are packing their bags and coming on over and they have been before and say it is fantastic here, so don’t take my word for it, try Santa Barbara for yourself.

Santa Barbara is on traditional Chumash land. The Chumash Indians lived across the Santa Barbara coastline and nearby Channel Islands for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived, there is an incredible painted cave off of highway that has ancient Chumash hand paintings.

This city is where history and contemporary meet, and it is absolutely incredible…

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